Common Questions

How do you say Pilates?

Many people call it all sorts of things. You pronounce it puh-la-tees.


What Is Pilates, and what can it do for me?

Pilates is an exercise method that has been in existence since the early 1900’s. It has been extensively used by dancers and athletes as a means of improving their bodies and preventing injury, and has proven time and time again to be the rehabilitative exercise method of choice. You do not need to be an athlete to do the exercises or to attain its benefits.

Pilates will help you look and feel your very best. No matter what your age or condition, it will improve your life. The Pilates method:

  • builds strength, without “bulking up”
  • increases flexibility and agility
  • develops core strength which supports your spine
  • creates flat abdominal, slender thighs and a strong back
  • uses your mind and body

Why do I have to have an initial consultation?

The Pilates Method is designed to help you better understand your body and to help address postural problems, body alignment and other problems that can cause pain. You will be required to learn to use your breath to support yourself through the exercises.

We use the initial consultation to assess your body, and determine the best possible program, for your needs. We start to teach you about the Pilates Method in an intense lesson with you and an instructor. The setting of correct body mechanics and understanding how to consistently apply this requires a high level of quality supervision.

In some cases we will suggest that you need to have a second individual lesson to further consolidate the information about the Pilates Method. You will need to build on correct foundations.

What do I need?

You need:

  • light exercise clothing – as close to form fitting as you are comfortable with
  • clean socks
  • something to put your hair back if you have long hair
  • towel if you wish to have a shower after Pilates

Can I just turn up, like at a gym?

No. All Pilates classes are run on an appointment basis only.

This is so we can ensure that you receive the proper instruction and supervision. The Pilates Method requires precision and care if you are to receive the maximum benefit from the exercises. If you are to receive that benefit we need to make sure we have the trained staff to help you. We will only book a minimum number of clients to one instructor.

What happens if I cannot make an appointment?

You need to telephone us at least 24 hours before your appointment. This way some one else can have your appointment or we can reschedule our staff. If you do not notify us at least 24 hours before your appointment, you will be charged for that session.

Can I have a permanent booking each week?

Yes, it is better that way because you can plan your week to include Pilates. If you would like to come at the same time each week it is easy to have us add you to our permanent booking records and your appointment will be available each week.

What is the difference between a studio class and a mat class?

Both studio and mat work involve the use of the key principles of Pilates. Each are aimed at strengthening your stomach muscles as a core support for your body. Studio work involves the use of specialised equipment only available at the studio. Each person will be doing their own special program but will be supervised by an instructor.

A mat class does not use the equipment but you simply do all your exercises on a yoga like mat. There are different levels from beginner to the advanced. A mat class is very good for your cardio fitness as well as your stomach. We will have only ten people to one instructor in a mat class.

It is good to do a combination of both studio and mat work.

How much Pilates should I do each week?

A Pilates session should normally be an hour of your time. Sometimes you may take a little more than an hour. However, if you are doing the exercises properly then an hour is all you need to feel good.

Ideally, you should try to do two to three sessions to build strength. Many people come once a week and still build strength and understanding of the exercise.

When you first start it is a good idea to have two sessions a week, to help consolidate your understanding of the exercises and method.

Do I get to try different exercises?

Yes, your repertoire of work will slowly increase and you will get to try new different exercises over time. All of the exercises are based on an understanding of the Pilates Method of movement and muscle use. As you become more comfortable with the foundations of the method, and your body becomes stronger we will slowly challenge your body with more complex exercises.

Our instructors will guide you so that you work safely but at the same time making sure your body is challenged. Your work is constantly reviewed by your instructor to make sure that you are progressing.

What if I am in pain?

If you have any problems or pain you must tell your instructor at the beginning of the class. Your program will be changed to help to reduce your pain, and to make sure you do not do any further damage to your body.