Why Choose Pilates Plus?

Pilates is not a fad, nor is it the latest fitness craze. Pilates is a lifelong commitment to health and well being.


Who is qualified to teach Pilates?

You need to ask this question when choosing a Pilates studio. All of our practitioners have completed Pilates Certification programmes, which are Government VTAB approved. The programmes our practitioners have completed are comprehensive and take over one year for theoretical completion with at least 600 hours of supervised teacher training hours.

Look for the real thing, Pilates is not a gym class or physiotherapy treatment. Pilates practitioners specialise in movement analysis and prescription of exercises deemed to create balance, strength, flexibility and co-ordination for each individual.

Are you as strong and flexible as you need?

Daily life requires strength and normal ranges of movement to perform basic tasks. Pilates Plus offers both functional strength and flexibility that gives you a body that uses energy efficiently. There is no real benefit of having a strong upper body through lifting weights unless the supporting musculature supports your spine and thus an upright stance. Guided programs from Pilates Plus assists in lengthening muscles from the joint attachments creating freedom within movement.

Are you too old or too young to exercise?

Exercise enhancing the vital systems of the body, therefore your Pilates Plus workout addresses:

  • Breath control
  • Cardiovascular circulation
  • Muscle development
  • Postural alignment
  • Increased flexibility
  • Balance co-ordination
  • You know you are extending your health and longevity.

“Use it or lose it”, haven’t you heard this cliché time and time again. Current research indicates the more flexibility you have within the spine and with surrounding anterior/posterior muscles, the more less likely you will develop back pain and arthritic changes to the spine.

With the increase of seated postures, people are developing weaker and postural imbalanced bodies.

Pilates Plus treats you as an individual therefore your body will have expert attention addressing the specific problems you wish to achieve.

Why should your injury prevent you from exercising?

Usually following injury or surgery people stop moving. Therefore the whole body is compromised. Recovery and rehabilitation will be slow and tiresome.

Expertly facilitated Pilates is specifically designed to work around and stabilise the injured site, so when an active range can be achieved, the body supports as a whole.

If you are involved in rehabilitation for a specific problem and you only work that area we can guarantee you will be creating further imbalance within the body.


Do you have any special fitness needs?

When you are involved in elite fitness, athletics, dance or sports, your workout needs to address these concepts:

  • Specificity training
  • Cross training
  • Overload principle
  • Imbalances
  • Pilates Plus creates sports specific programs for your special fitness needs.