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Low impact exercise for all ages and fitness levels
Studio Sessions with fully equipped Pilates apparatus Injury Rehabilitation. Reformers, Wunda Chairs, Trapeze Tables and more. Sports Specifics
Programs designed for your individuals needs
Fully qualified Pilates practitioner with over 20 year experience


Pilates Plus is Queensland’s Premier studio. The studio is a happy, spacious bright environment at the Runaway Bay Marina offering the best facilities and the highest standard of practitioners available. Your training sessions will be expertly supervised and tailored specifically for you and your individual goals.

Pilates is a Method of exercise that conditions the whole body and is based around improving your core stability and using correct muscle movements. Along with the physical work Pilates also focuses the mind on breathing and connecting with the body.

Pilates uses specifically designed movement patterns and specialised equipment to achieve and restore musculoskeletal balance concentrating on a strong core or centre, which includes the abdominals, pelvis and back. Therefore Pilates is not only great for overall strengthening of the body, but also for the rehabilitation of injuries. Having established a reputation in back and spinal care, Pilates has a unique ability to work in a non-impact environment while targeting weak muscles to increase the bodies functional support system.

Pilates is a fantastic workout that is not only successful but also a lot of fun.

Who is our studio director?


Louise Rutherford has been the Studio Director at Pilates Plus since 2005.
She came to Pilates following a successful career in ballet, both in England and Germany . Louise first encountered Pilates while training at the Royal Ballet School in London using this method as part of injury rehabilitation.

She relied on Pilates programs throughout her dancing career to enhance her ballet performance.

On retiring from ballet in Germany and returning to Australia, she commenced training to become a Pilates practitioner, gaining both Certificate IV and Diploma qualifications from Pilates International. She is a level 4 member of the Pilates Alliance Australasia and a Certified Pilates Teacher of the Pilates Method Alliance in the USA.


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